SILO STUDIO is fascinated by industrial materials. Its family of candleholders are based on aluminium I-beams, which work as individual ornaments or else can be assembled to create constellations of shifting lift.

– Size: W 19 x D 3.8 x H 7.6
- Hole: ø 2.1
– Colour: Copper
– Material: Anodised Aluminium
– Made in the UK

As a studio, we’re interested in industrial materials and processes, and how we might be able to domesticate them. So we’ve been playing around with architectural sections for a while now, and then we started thinking about the I-beam. We found a standard aluminium profile that felt light and somehow right in your hand. In the case of the I – BEAM candleholder that section acts as a readymade – to make the candleholder, we just drilled a hole in it. It’s such a small gesture, but using the industrial profile removes a lot of the frilliness you normally expect from a candleholder. I – BEAM is a simplified, more contemporary version of the typology – it’s the iPhone of candle holders.
— Attua Aparicio Torinos and Oscar Lessing (Silo Studio)


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