TAVERNA is a collection of glass jugs inspired by Oinometras, the aluminium cups found in all traditional Greek tavernas. LIVIA LAUBER’S carafes are hand-made from borosilicate glass, which make them heat and shock resilient – they're perfect for your favourite wine, tea or lemon infused water. TAVERNA’S dreamy iridescent colours, meanwhile, make it an ideal vase for fresh-cut flowers.

– Size: Ø 10 x H 21.5 / 1.5l
– Colour: Green
– Material: Borosilocate glass
– Designer: LIVIA LAUBER
– Made in EU

If you’ve ever been to a taverna anywhere on the Greek Islands, you’ll see that they all have the same anodised aluminium carafes, organised by size and colour – a small golden one for olive oil; a medium red one for wine; and a large blue one for water. Taverna is my homage to those traditional objects, transported from a Greek island to your home. I love the functionality of the originals, but I wanted something that felt warm and welcoming too. Aluminium can be a little cold. So Taverna is executed in iridescent borosilicate glass, which works on the table, but also as a vase or a decorative object too. I like designs that let the user decide what to do with them. — Livia Lauber


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